When Saturday Comes describes itself as “the half decent football magazine”. It is one that I subscribe to and its arrival injects a little bit of happiness into the day.  The March edition also brought a surprise.  It included a report of a Birmingham City game that Birmingham won. The game was our 0-1 win at Middlesbrough.

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1 thought on “WSC

  1. Richard Williams

    When will the penny drop with this manager. What you are doing is not working, where is plan B. The negativity shown by the coaches is killing my club. The managers reluctance to use subs until it’s really too late suggests to me that these were not his signings, he does not seem to have any confidence in them at all. Let’s just keep on with the same old, he’s sure it will work tomorrow, but tomorrow never really comes.
    Look at the players we keep hearing all is fine we are all in it together, none of their faces reflects that, they know it’s not working and the life is dripping out of them. Two wingers all the time and the amount of ammo we provide is pitiful, the only time we turned the defence cut back and Hogan scores how he supposed to score and all are saying what a well worked goal, but never to be seem again. The lack of supporters comments on sites like these tells a sorry story, even us supporters are not even moaning like we used to we are having the life sucked out of us. We need a down to earth, roll your selves up, adaptable manager who is willing to take a chance have a go try to win not afraid to lose, I think this group of players have the ability to perform well, but not when you are doing the same thing day after day and you know it’s not working.. Remember these are players not supporters, they need to be motivated, which is plainly obviously not happening under the present set up. Worrying now that we are unable to get out of this situation this time, we have no chance unless things change soon. Calling Paul Cook

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