Why I stay to the end

I don’t stay to the end of games because I’m a better person than someone who chooses to leave early. I stay because I view fans as participants, not just spectators. 

I don’t feel like a customer who can give or withdraw my support depending on the quality of the product.  I feel like an essential part of the occasion and that I can contribute to the support given to the players. I think a crowd can make a difference and can lift players so that they play better. I believe that having fans at a Birmingham City game is as almost as essential as having the players there.

After watching our fans stream out of the ground following Brentford’s second goal, I think that people who feel as I do are in a minority now.  That makes me sad.  How can we encourage our players to fight to the end if we don’t stay to watch them?

2 thoughts on “Why I stay to the end

  1. John

    There was nothing the crowd could do, with 7 minutes remaining, after Brentford’s second goal. The managers job is pick a team (especially at home ) with an attacking formation. We clearly do not have a ball playing midfielder, so the players will have to work twice as hard, to make up for their lack of skill. At the start of the season, we were informed the club had employed two sports science fitness coaches and yet, apart from the fact that almost every game, a player goes down with hamstring problems, every team we play, looks fitter and faster than us. It is totally up to the players , the management and the directors, to massively improve the situation. A professional footballers job, is to entertain the people who pay good money, to be entertained. On Wednesday night we were not entertained, that’s why so many people left early. If the players are unhappy with the way the club is run, they should say so, publicly and help the team improve.

  2. Matthew

    That was the first time I have ever left early and i did so with a heavy heart believing this very act might might be my only ‘protest’ at what I thought was a forlorn display. Optimism had briefly overcome my misgivings only to be dashed by a display of abject ineptitude, tactical idiocy and seemingly dispirited and disillusioned players. This is not the fault of a single person, rather an accumulative affect from poor appointments, panic buying and lack of leadership. I could list what we lack here but It’d be a bloody long post. Suffice to say something is rotten in the state of St Andrews. KRO.

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