Wednesday, Wigan and Window

It was a bad result for Birmingham City on Wednesday night but not a bad performance. And if one of their chances had led to a goal, then there might have been two cup upsets in the city that night.  As it was they held Sunderland scoreless until the 77th minute and that gives me hope for this season. The abuse for Lee Clark came from the Sunderland supporters, which, though not pleasant, is much better than being abused by your own team’s fans. Many in the home crowd left before the end but those that stayed for the final whistle applauded rather than booed. So I left St Andrews feeling better than I did when I walked away from Griffin Park last Saturday. I hate it when fans turn on their own manager or players.

Blues play Wigan tomorrow, one of the teams below us in the table. Let’s hope they are still below us tomorrow evening.  I won’t make a prediction because, as usual, I have no idea. I just hope for the best and fear the worst.

The transfer window closes on Monday and I won’t be spending that evening keeping up with the latest news as I don’t expect any surprise transfers in or out for Blues. I could be wrong, of course. I’m not too interested in other clubs and don’t enjoy reading about players who are worth more than my club. But I like the BBC chart showing transfer fee landmarks from the first £100 fee in 1893 to the £59.7m that Manchester United paid for Angel Di Maria this year. It’s a good illustration of the crazy inflation caused by TV money flooding into the pockets of people at the top rather than trickling down to the grassroots. And I was interested to read that Zigic’s agent had claimed that Arsenal wanted to sign him. I’m more inclined to believe the report that “when asked about a possible move for the 33-year-old, Wenger said “who?” before flatly denying the claims.”

1 thought on “Wednesday, Wigan and Window

  1. Letsby Avenue

    Cheer up Long Road 🙂

    Here’s something off twit for you { you may have seen it already though }

    ……………”Aston Villa agree an £8M fee with Manchester United for Tom Cleverley.
    Apparently Manchester United will pay it in installments…….”

    Come on, we aren’t hearing Stadium wide chants of –
    “You Don’t Know What You’re Doing”
    —as Steve Bruce endured for many matches at St Andrews.

    Some of us blog /forum readers fear the worst, whenever we go, because the forums, especially, are filled with hate, disguised as erudition, from people who proudly proclaim that they don’t go to watch Blues.
    I won’t be intimidated by about a dozen or so active blues-haters, who have no resonance nor connection to those of us who go and support Blues.

    Please…don’t become apprehensive.

    When I was younger, it was ‘Blues – Right or Wrong’ the days when hardly anyone knew the Board….and the manager was just an employee like the lady in the office.

    Thanks for your thoughts and blog, yet again


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