Two games

The last two football games I’ve watched triggered unexpected reactions in me. I had expected to be ecstatic if Birmingham City escaped relegation but I just felt exhausted after watching the game at Bristol, exhausted and glad that the season was over. The strain of hanging on to a one-goal lead probably wouldn’t have felt so bad if my nerves hadn’t already been frazzled by several months of sliding down the League table.

In contrast, I felt energised after watching Birmingham City Ladies lose in the women’s Cup Final at Wembley. I didn’t enjoy seeing them lose but it was great to see so many children in the stadium and to see the way my team reacted.  They didn’t give up and at the end, after collecting their losers’ medals, they put on smiles, came over to their fans and reached over the barrier.  I felt proud of my team and proud of our fans too. Blues fans stayed to applaud their team; we’ve had a lot of practice in losing and we know how to do it well.

Now it’s time to take a break and look forward to next season.  Let’s hope it will be a better one and we can get some practice in winning well.