Too good to be true

I have supported Birmingham City through many ups and downs and my psyche has the scars to prove it. I started celebrating Toral’s wonder goal against Ipswich about a minute after everybody else at St Andrew’s because my brain was telling me it was too good to be true. It’s a defence mechanism I suppose, to stop getting my hopes up too much.

It is hope that kills; you feel so terrible when that hope is dashed. So I tried to follow my usual practice of ignoring the transfer rumours. It was harder to do this transfer window because I knew who Diego Fabbrini was and knew that I wanted to him in my team.  So I’m really glad he’s signed and his video interview was lovely.  The other deals look good too. Will Buckley started and scored last Saturday; Ryan Shotten sounds useful. Gary Rowett has done so well that I can forgive him using the word ‘impactful’ in one of his interviews.

The Birmingham International Holdings announcement this week is a reminder that the club still faces an uncertain future.  If I wanted a photo to convey the reality of my club’s situation I would choose one taken on a foggy day.

Foggy road sBut I’ve decided to stick with the one I am currently using on my About this website  page and in the mood indicator in the sidebar.

Walking along-3It sums up how I feel about my club at the moment: happy in rather surreal way.  I will enjoy these good times as long as they last even though I know that bad times could be just around the corner.

7 thoughts on “Too good to be true

  1. Jaffa

    Great article and like you I am waiting for a big kick in the nuts.It all seems a bit surreal at the moment supporting Blues. £1.5 million on Fab, Buckley signing and now Shotton.Three great additions to the team.I went to the Fulham game earlier in the season and for the first time in a long time I started to believe.After the final whistle all the players and staff came over to the fans and you could scense a real togetherness.Something I hadn’t felt in a long time.

  2. alan watton

    Understand your feelings but can’t be doing that myself. Life os too short. Well mine is. It’s one of the great achievements of GR is that we can behave like a real football club even if it could end tomorrow. Gary doesn’t use excuses but recognizes our situation. I for one on a football sense am not excited with our transfer dealings. But the fact we have any is exciting. There have been some stiffs pass through in the last five years and some are still here. These guys are known quantities and value for money. In Gary we trust

  3. theguvna

    I think being a Bluenose for more than 45 years has by and large, taught me to expect disappointment. From the semi final defeat to a last gasp goal by Fulham at Maine Rd, to the last minute equaliser by Preston at Deepdale in the play off semi, which ultimately led to a penalty shoot out defeat, etc etc. There have been so many nearly but not quite a watching Blues, it reminds me of something an old time Bluenose told me nearly 40 years ago, ‘ Blues will always break your heart’. Cheerful eh!

    I began to believe that was sadly prophetic after endless disappointments, until we got promoted at Cardiff and then beat Arsenal at Wembley. I never believed that I’d ever see us win a major final at Wembley, so when we were gifted that late late winner, I turned to my son and brother and said that all the years of watching Blues through endless disappointments was worth it for that one moment of joy. I’m sure that without all of that, that moment would never have been quite as sweet.

    Actually, I think that the last 10-15 years have been the most exciting times watching Blues. We’ve had promotions, play off dramas, beating V**** in the league cup , Cardiff appearances and Wembley.

    I said at the start of the season, if we were still somewhere in contention for a play off spot come the New Year, that would do for me. Having a genuine reason to go to the games this year with optimism is great.

    We have exceeded my expectations and Gary Rowett has done a quite remarkable job. I think that his recent signings really give us a chance of being in the top six at the season’s end.

    He may have dropped a clanger with Brock, but the loan of Toral, and his steal of Michael Morrison were master strokes. What were Charlton thinking letting him go?!
    (In fact, what were Charlton thinking letting the best player I have seen this season, the quite superb Tony Watt, go out on loan to Cardiff?!)

    I like the way GR seems to look for the right type of characters to come into the club, and bombs out the ones who aren’t, irrespective of their so called talent.

    Irrespective of today’s result, I really believe we can make the play offs. How sweet would it be to swap places with that lot over in B6!


    1. Jupiter Bluenose

      Well put but I wish you hadn’t brought up that Maine Road defeat…. Before despair sets in there must be hope and right now we’re entering the Hope stage, even I’m starting to believe. KRO!

  4. Waycoolblue

    Great article what you are saying is perhaps the way 95% of us Bluenose’s see thing. At the start of the season I said I would be happy with 8th place finish And I still would be but do think we can make the playoffs witch is more than I expected.

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