Thoughts on “Delay no more”

Often Partisan has an update1 on Daniel’s “Delay no more” message to Carson Yeung, which includes a link to some graphic designs incorporating the slogan.  His aim is to contribute some ideas for someone else to carry forward.   

The DNM designs are far better than anything I could produce and I can understand why fans would want to make a visual protest that could be understood in Hong Kong. I don’t know enough about copyright law to judge if the shape of the design is near enough to that of the official Birmingham City logo to causes problems.

I like the red and yellow used in some of the designs because it would coordinate well with the German flag colours of the “All we care about” scarves and badges. It may be too much to expect all Birmingham City fans to use the same protest slogan; using the same colours is better than nothing.

Several people have expressed their support for the DNM designs but nobody has volunteered to get anything made. I’m not surprised by that and I wouldn’t criticise anyone for not volunteering. I know from my experience with the AWCA scarf2 project how much time and effort it takes to do something like that. I had no idea what I was getting into and wasn’t the best person to do it. It was beginner’s luck that the manufacturer I chose online was helpful and delivered the goods on time. Someone already involved in the business of selling stuff would probably have done things more efficiently. I was so glad when someone else took over and got more scarves and also some badges made. It’s a nice idea to donate all profits from the sale of protest clothes to charity or investing in the club but I think it would be more realistic for someone in business to organise everything and make a little money in return for all the effort.

I don’t know if there is anyone who could do this. I do know that I won’t be the one to carry the idea forward. Apart from all other considerations, I just don’t have the time. If I had realised how much time my scarf project would take I probably wouldn’t have done it.  Not that I regret it; I generally regret the things I haven’t done far more than the things I have done.

  1. Delay No More: An Update    post on Often Partisan website
  2. AWCA scarves  information on “All we care about” scarves and badges