The international break

How do you feel about the international break?  Do you find it a relief not to have to worry about how badly Birmingham City might do? Or do you miss going to watch them play?  Here are some suggestions on what you can do when Birmingham aren’t playing.

Go to a non-league game

Non-League Day celebrates the importance of the non-league game as an essential part of football in this country.  There is a Non League Day website where you can find a match near you. In previous years, on Non-League Day, I’ve thought that it was a good idea but never got round to going to a game. This year I’ll be going to watch Redditch United along with some other members of the Blues Trust board.

Look at pictures of a manager waving his arms

If you like watching managers waving their arms about then you will love @bruceatweddings on Twitter. Thanks to SPORTbible for pointing me to this twitter account that shows Steve Bruce Photoshopped into wedding photos.

Watch scary film clips

If you think you will miss the excitement and tension of watching Blues’ defensive blunders then consider watching the 10 scariest information films on the 200% site. Be warned, you may need to hide behind the sofa!

Read a book

I would recommend Punk Football by Jim Keoghan. I intend to write a review of it when I get time but you can download a free chapter from Pitch Publishing if you want to see what it’s like.

But you can read a book and look at film clips and pictures anytime.  So this weekend why not go to a non-league game?

1 thought on “The international break

  1. Blooflame

    The Internatinal team reflects the microcosm that is English football. Week after week we hear newspapers tell us just how great our overpaid, full of self import, players are. Older observers know different, having witnessed Best, Law, Cooke Marsh and of course, slightly later, the great Trevor Francis. The National team get exposed time and again at the Euros or World cup, the so-called greats were shown for what they are…average. Time has come to improve coaching and technical training, English Players have to be chosen to get the games so I now support the foreign cap rule. give our kids a chance.

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