The Blues

I didn’t realise how much I’d been affected by the uncertainty about Birmingham City’s sanction until it was over and we found out we would be docked 9 points.  My main feeling was one of relief, that I knew the decision and it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. That made me wonder how the uncertainty might have affected the players and hope that they now feel ready to ensure we won’t be relegated. The calm confidence displayed by Garry Monk in his press conference yesterday helped me feel that we could get a result against WBA this evening.

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5 thoughts on “The Blues

  1. R Smith

    My main concern is whether the other overspending teams get punished or not. More importantly do the FL actually want a fair football competition or a league where only the three teams relegated have the financial clout to make a sustained promotion bid. Seems to me that a team like Villa who couldn’t pay their tax bill at the start of the season, Wednesday whose owner admitted ages ago that they had breached the rules and Bolton who haven’t paid their players and staff are getting away with it this season. Surely if you pay your bills and your owner is solvent then you should not be penalised. Let’s admit it the FL couldn’t run a Subbuteo league properly so what can you expect when it is real football.

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      I believe that it would be better to have an independent regulator for the football business and let the EFL just be a competition organiser.

  2. WayCoolBlue

    I am waiting to see what will happen to the other 11 clubs that was in the same situation as us I want to know why he was brought to the foreground and they’ve been put in the background it is quite obvious that their spending is higher than ours we are not one of the highest spending clubs. Why are we being punished for something we did but they’re not being punished for something they did which in my eyes is a whole lot more look at Bolton not paying their players not paying their taxes insolvent look at villa can’t afford to pay their tax bill overspent I’m players over spent on wages broke the same rules as we did changed owners got away with it. Leeds exactly the same it’s unfair and inconsistent. And it’s extremely easy to see why our supporters feel that we are hated and picked on. People are saying we are lucky it was only 9 pints I don’t think we should have been be deducted any points we was put under a transfer embargo a double transferring Embargo we couldn’t buy players we had to play with what we had we had her transfer budget it was the Embargo that stopped us from buying players a club is not insolvent. Yes club should be punished if they break the rules but why should they be deducted points and why should we be lucky to only be deducted 9 points how do we renew deducted 9 points and only been 9 points off the relegation zone it would be a different story we wouldn’t be saying we are lucky would be outraged but as Birmingham City fans we put up with it because we used to the heartache.

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