Wembley half full, half empty after the Carling Cup Final 2011

Ten years ago

The photo at the top of this post is the one that I used on my very first post on this blog. I had been listening to the 2013 League Cup Final as I set up my website and I wrote that I hoped Bradford fans had stayed to applaud their team, who had lost to Swansea. When Arsenal lost to us, most of their fans left quickly and Birmingham City fans found ourselves in a stadium of two halves. One half filled with Blues fans and the other half almost empty. I hoped that, if we had lost, we would have stayed to thank our team for the effort they had made.

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3 thoughts on “Ten years ago

  1. Paul Davis

    It was an incredible moment for our club and we succeeded when everybody was saying we didn’t stand a chance. That day I felt was a turning point for our club and felt we could go on to bigger and better things but ten years on how different are things. It is almost like somebody has created a huge bottomless pit and Blues fell straight down it and it being bottomless we are still falling.
    That win against Arsenal has become a very distant memory because of our plight. I have to keep reminding myself that it was only 10 years ago but it seems so much longer because of all the disasters that have happened since.
    What has happened to Blues in those 10 years due to incredibly poor owners should serve as a warning to the FA that they should only attract people who meet the strictest guidelines when it comes to owning football clubs. Owners need to understand that its not just about football but also the fans,the community and what it means. Birmingham City isn’t just a business but so much more.
    I also believe that the pandemic has made things easier for not only the owners but managers and players as the fans are not there to vent there anger. Some of these players don’t deserve the right to wear that famous blue shirt because playing for Birmingham City is about battling and not giving up for 90 minutes. Previous legends who have loved,played for our club and are no longer alive would be turning in there graves at the state of this club and the shambolic player performances. Previous players who have played for our club may have got relegated but at least they kept fighting till the end cause our current crop just dont have they spirit unless they can prove me different.
    I do believe that when we do get relegated there will be a queue of Blues players outside the managers office putting in a transfer request because they don’t want to play for a third tier club. These are the same players who helped got us into this mess along with the owners. My advice is that as soon as you get a decent offer them get rid. Getting relegated I see as a opportunity to rebuild and start again. There will be no quick fixes but we can slowly rebuild for the future .

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      This is the first time I’ve received a comment that was twice as long as my post! Thanks

  2. dave

    If you are on Face Book check out The Tilton Talk Show special tomorrow at 4pm, its got a few guest players on apparently!…..

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