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Bad Friday, good Saturday

I mainly want to write about Saturday and what made it a good day. But I’m going to start with a few comments on Friday.  Black Friday was conceived in the USA as a way to extend the Christmas shopping season by encouraging people to start buying on the day after Thanksgiving.  Retailers in this country adopted the money making idea and British people responded by fighting over cheap TVs.  The reports were depressing but also thought provoking; I found myself wondering how such disorder would have been reported if it had occurred at a football match.  I read criticism of some shops’ security arrangements but no condemnation of shopping and discount sales.  But football often gets the blame when football fans fight. Continue reading


I was not among those who wanted Lee Clark sacked or thought that he was the only one to blame for Birmingham City’s position near the bottom of the Championship League table.  And I didn’t dance in the street when he was sacked.  I was afraid that even if there was a new manager effect and the team did better for a while, it might not last and this season could be one long, dismal relegation battle. It still could be; it’s too early to predict how well or how badly the team will do. Continue reading