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In a recent interview, Harlee Dean said that a club needs a philosophy, a way of playing and that’s what Garry Monk brought to Birmingham City.  Monk has also talked about this; the Birmingham Mail published a quote in which he said:

“we felt the group needed to know what it meant playing for this club, wearing that shirt and what it means not just for them but for the fans and the community.”

Monk has concentrated on doing what he can with what he’s got. He’s focussed on getting the team to play good football and strengthening the bond between players and fans.

Many fans have said that Monk gets Blues, that he understands us.  I think his understanding is wider than that; he understands that football is not just a business and that fans are not just customers but an essential part of the game.  He also has emotional intelligence and does well at handling relationships with players and fans.  

Before Monk was appointed as our manager, the manager I would have chosen was Graham Potter, who also has emotional intelligence and understands the importance of fans.  Potter is now at Swansea and  that club is going through a hard time. The owners have sold senior players without replacing them and an article in the Guardian reports:

“Potter has relied on youngsters to such an extent that Swansea, who spent seven seasons in the top flight and were relegated from the Premier League nine months ago, are fielding a team in the Championship that, in terms of the age of their players, resembles that of a club operating on a shoestring in League Two. . .
Potter continues to diligently go about his work, refusing to sound downbeat and remaining totally committed to the job that he took on last summer. He is the glue holding a broken club together. ”

I would imagine that Swansea fans want to hold onto their manager as much as Birmingham City fans want to keep Garry Monk. 

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Transfer window

I’ve never liked transfer windows.  I’m usually irritated by the silly rumours about who Birmingham City might bring in. This window I’m worried about who might leave. I feel bad that Omar Bogle’s loan has been cut short; he scored a great goal against Stoke and I would have liked to see a few more like that.  I will feel a lot worse if we lose one of our first team regulars. If someone like Che Adams is sold, it will feel as though the team is being ripped apart.

Birmingham City are playing Swansea this evening. It’s a place that has a lot of memories for Garry Monk and Pep Clotet, who has talked about his time there in an interview.  He said:

“We are better coaches now because of the difficulties we have faced,” says Clotet. “Garry has given me a lot of insight about British football and that has helped when dealing with players. I guess I have made him a bit more Spanish too. We have made each other better.”

I’ll be feeling a lot of respect for the players and fans, outside on a cold winter evening while I’m at home, keeping warm.  I hope they play well and get a point or three. I think it will be good to follow a game and think about that rather than the window. And it will fill some of the time until the window closes at 11 pm on Thursday.  We will know then which players we have and, even if it’s bad news, we can get on with the rest of the season.

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Home win at last

Birmingham City won tonight, their first home win since they beat Millwall 4-0 on October 1st. And it would have been an upset if they hadn’t won because they were playing Bristol Rovers, who are barely above the relegation zone in League 2. Although the score was 3-0, it wasn’t an easy victory.  Until the 85th minute, Blues just couldn’t score the second goal and Bristol kept battling. So it felt nervy. But the last 5 minutes were enjoyable. The home crowd relaxed and made some noise.   Continue reading

Notes on Swansea, Made in Brum, AWCA scarf

A victory does wonders for my mood and our 3-1 victory on Wednesday night really lifted my spirits.  Birmingham City fans went home happy after the game and Swansea fans were disappointed. But the emotions are reversed when it comes to fans’ view of the current situation of their clubs.  Blues fans are angry and anxious because of the financial mess our club is in. Swansea fans are happy with the progress their club has made. Continue reading

Bradford City v Swansea City

I’m listening to the radio commentary of the Capital One Cup Final as I set up my new website and the final whistle has just gone.  Swansea have won emphatically but it sounds as though the Bradford City fans kept supporting their team to the end.  It brings back memories of two years ago when I was there supporting another BCFC.  I went with a 13-year old friend and spent the journey up trying to prepare him for what seemed like inevitable defeat.  “You do know,” I said, “that Arsenal will probably win.”  With the optimism of youth he said that he understood that but Birmingham could win.  He was right, of course. 

I’m hoping that the Bradford City fans stayed to applaud their team and didn’t leave as quickly as the Arsenal ones did in 2011.  Back then, we Birmingham City fans found ourselves in a stadium of two halves: one full and one empty.

Wembley half full, half empty after the Carling Cup Final 2011

Wembley half full, half empty after the Carling Cup Final 2011