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New season, new numbers

The season starts tomorrow. The transfer window won’t close for another four weeks but at least there will be some real results to discuss and not just transfer rumours. I try to avoid reading about who Birmingham City might sign or who almost signed, but it’s impossible to avoid seeing some of the headlines. Continue reading

Worth reading

I don’t have time to write much but want to recommend an article and book that I’ve read recently.

The article, The forgotten story of … Jeff Hall, the footballer whose death turned tide against polio, was in the Guardian yesterday. I haven’t forgotten him. He was my favourite player and I was devastated when he died. As well as being a good but sad read, it has a great photo of him making a sliding tackle on a snow covered pitch.  Continue reading

Jeff Hall’s widow

I was sorry to read the report that Jeff Hall’s widow is terminally ill but pleased that she has received an award from the British Polio Fellowship in recognition of the work she did to publicise the facts about the disease that killed him.  Jeff Hall was a great player for Birmingham City. His wife is a great lady who played an important role in the eradication of polio in this country.

Widow of Blues star Jeff Hall honoured for work to highlight disease which killed him

Jeff Hall

On Easter Monday, Birmingham City FC joined with the British Polio Fellowship to commemorate the 55th anniversary of Jeff Hall’s death. I was glad to make a donation to help those still suffering from the effects of polio because I’m old enough to remember what a terrible disease it was. As the collectors held out their tins I heard a young fan ask, “What’s polio?” and was glad that she hadn’t heard of the disease that was so feared when I was a child.  There is no longer a risk of polio infection in this country and Jeff’s death played a part in the elimination of that risk.   Continue reading