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No Epiphany

The Annual General Meeting of Birmingham International Holdings Limited took place on Tuesday January 6th, the feast of Epiphany. This is the day that the Church celebrates the arrival of the magi to worship the infant Jesus and the manifestation of the glory of God to the Gentiles. In a secular context an epiphany is a moment of sudden and great revelation.  Continue reading

Interesting times

It looks as though the next couple of weeks could be interesting for Birmingham City, both on and off the pitch. In tomorrow’s game, we will see how Rowett reacts to last weekend’s loss: who he puts in the team and how they play. I’d like to see Zigic in the squad and coming on as a sub. He would get a good reception: fans were singing his name at Blackpool and he wasn’t even there. Continue reading

Not the time for blame

I recently attended a training day on conflict resolution and some of the ideas from that day are rattling around in my brain. The speaker talked about taking responsibility for situations in groups that you belong to and how that is not the same as taking the blame.  He said that individuals are accountable for their actions and that there is a time and a place to consider that but that training day was not the time or place.   Continue reading

Why Rule 34 doesn’t apply to Mr Pannu

Birmingham City FC started out as a club, not a business. It was started by a group of young men from Holy Trinity Church who played cricket during the summer and wanted to play football together during the winter. According to the history page on bcfc.com the club turned professional in 1885 and became a limited company in 1988.

Continue reading