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Staying connected

I went to St Andrews on Friday evening, for the event organised by Blues Collective. It had been advertised as a Question and Answer session with Paul Devlin, Geoff Horsfield, and Michael Johnson but Kevin Francis was a surprise addition to the line up on the night. One thing that came over loud and clear was that they all still felt they had a connection with Birmingham City and its supporters. They care about the mess the club is in. It was also clear that if they had the job of signing players for the club, they would be looking for some with heart and grit who would give 110% every game.   Continue reading

Coaching Fair Play

A Telegraph article about the Coaching Fair Play plan caught my eye this week; it helped that there was a picture of Chris Hughton at the top.  Anything associated with him gets my attention because it revives memories of good times.  The article reported that the Professional Footballers’ Association and the Football League have agreed to work towards the implementation of the plan and to do that they will have to get the 72 clubs to agree to it.

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