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Losing is not fun.  I can understand why fans leave early when we are losing but it made me sad to see so many people walking out at the Fulham game.  It’s been over 70 years since my dad first took me to a Blues game so I have had plenty of time to get accustomed to the fact that Birmingham City can and do lose some games.  When I did a quick count of relegations on the Wikipedia list of seasons I counted 14 relegations. That may not be accurate but we do get relegated quite often.

It was good to see Troy Deeney score the penalty near the end of the game. Those who left early missed that! I was also encouraged by the fans who stayed to the end, kept singing and clapped the team off the field when the game finished.  (The photo above shows some of them clapping.) Lee Bowyer said in his reaction to the game, “The players are grateful that the fans stayed behind to clap them off – I am grateful for that.”  

I support the Blues whether they win or lose; I appreciate the effort whatever the result. I’m glad I’m not the only Blues fan who feels that way.

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