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Wembley half full, half empty after the Carling Cup Final 2011

Ten years ago

The photo at the top of this post is the one that I used on my very first post on this blog. I had been listening to the 2013 League Cup Final as I set up my website and I wrote that I hoped Bradford fans had stayed to applaud their team, who had lost to Swansea. When Arsenal lost to us, most of their fans left quickly and Birmingham City fans found ourselves in a stadium of two halves. One half filled with Blues fans and the other half almost empty. I hoped that, if we had lost, we would have stayed to thank our team for the effort they had made.

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I remember a protest on the Kop after Birmingham City’s loss to Portsmouth on February 1993.  The club was in the hands of the receivers following the financial collapse of the Kumars and the fans were getting impatient because it was taking a long time for it to be sold. Some of them stood on the Kop after the game and chanted, “Receivers out!”  I can remember thinking how illogical that was but how understandable.  The club was in a miserable state, the receivership had been dragging on for about three months and they wanted it to be over.  Continue reading