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I bought a lemon

Harvest a lemonI actually bought several lemons today, at Sainsbury’s, Selly Oak. I was taking part in the ‘Harvest a Lemon’ campaign organised by the Community Partnership for Selly Oak.1 Will a spike in lemon sales result in a better plan for the new store than the one proposed by Harvest and Sainsbury’s?  Does a community group stand a chance against big business? I don’t know, but I do know it makes me feel better.  Fighting back makes people feel happier than just moaning and doing nothing. Continue reading

All together now

All together nowI’ve spent a lot of time thinking about football in the last few days.  I went to the Supporters Summit1 on Saturday and to an associated workshop on Supporter Liaison Officers (SLOs) on Friday.  On Sunday I went to the Blues Trust Open Meeting.  I don’t have time to write about all the ideas that are buzzing round my brain at the moment so I will just note some of the things that stood out. Continue reading

Why the Green Bay Packers are unique

I’ve never been very keen on American football; it always seems to take more time for the players to talk about what they’re going to do next than it takes for them to actually do it.  However I did watch quite a few games on TV when I lived in the USA and learned a few things about the Green Bay Packers.  I knew that they are one of the most successful football teams in America, they play in green and gold, their fans are called cheeseheads and all their games are sell outs. I now know that they’ve sold out all their season tickets since 1960 and have over 100,000 on the waiting list to buy any season tickets that become available.

Continue reading