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Good bye and good luck

Nathan RedmondAccording to Colin Tattum*, Nathan Redmond is going to Norwich City; this is no surprise but it is very sad.  Everyone knows the financial mess the club is in and we’ve had to sell other players, such as Curtis Davies, to raise the cash to keep going. We’ve also let good players go because we couldn’t afford to give them contracts. I’m thinking of players like Paul Caddis and Keith Fahey.  Fahey was one of my favourites and though I can understand why the club didn’t give a contract to someone with injury problems, I can’t help feeling that the club might have kept him if it hadn’t been so skint.  Continue reading


I checked the results of my poll* on who we want as owner of BCFC, 83 voted for Mr Fan and 61 for Mr Moneybags. It’s been a long, long time since I studied statistics but I do remember enough to know that the small number of votes means that result is not statistically significant. However this won’t stop me speculating; this is my personal blog not a serious journal.  And I think the results indicate the way Birmingham City fans are fairly evenly divided on the topic of ownership and what they want for their club. Continue reading