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The Cup

Jim White, in the Telegraph, wrote that the third round of the cup would provide “the most forgettable Saturday of the football calendar” because the games scheduled on Saturday were “the least appetising group of matches in FA Cup history.”  He obviously doesn’t find either Blyth Spartans or Birmingham City very interesting. Continue reading

Thoughts on the business of football

I’d like to comment on the interesting Often Partisan article about the business of football.

I agree with Daniel that football is about money these days.  In one sense it always has been about money.  The men who set up the Football Association were well off and they had leisure time to play sport.  The original rules that prohibited payments to players were fine for rich men who didn’t need the money but the rules had to change when working class players became involved. Birmingham City turned professional in 1885 because their players couldn’t afford to take time off work to practice.  So the club agreed to give half of the gate money to the players. Continue reading