Something rotten

There is something rotten in the state of football in general. Birmingham City FC is in a sorry state but far worse things are going on elsewhere.  The worst thing that could happen to us is that our club would go out of existence, which is bad enough, but in Qatar construction workers are dying as the country prepares for the 2022 World Cup.

The Guardian published a report1 about the conditions of Nepalese migrant workers in Qatar that amount to modern-day slavery.  Some have had pay withheld and been denied access to free drinking water as they work in searing heat.  Young men have died from heart attacks.  The report says that “the overall picture is of one of the richest nations exploiting one of the poorest to get ready for the world’s most popular sporting tournament.”

Fifa’s head 2022 Inspector has said that it was a mistake to award the World Cup to Qatar and that it is impractical to play football in the summer heat.2 Now there are discussions about moving the competition to winter. And Fifa’s ethics committee are investigating the bidding process for both the 2022 and 2018 World Cups.3 I don’t know what that investigation will find but it seems to me that awarding the World Cup to Qatar is something more sinister than a mistake; it seems so unlikely that those who voted were unaware of Qatar’s climate.

I’m hoping that England will beat Poland on Tuesday night to ensure their place in Brazil next year. I’m afraid it may be the last World Cup in which I’ll want England to play.  The suspect bidding for 2018 and 2022 has tainted the competition.

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  2. Fifa Inspector: Qatar World Cup ‘A Mistake’
  3. Fifa ethics investigator to visit England over 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids

6 thoughts on “Something rotten

  1. Blooflame

    Who cares? Football is not the place for politics nor liberal thinking! Stick to the football, in particular, blues. There are too many people in this country today wittering on about what’s right or wrong well get this, there are blues fans at this moment fighting for their lives in Afghanistan…. now there’s a political issue that should be at the forefront of thinking, not Nepalese workers.

  2. Texas Pete

    I hope the the brave of Britain are in Afganistan fighting for causes just like the issues raised about Qatar. Politics affects everyone and With all their fame and the financial gain, footballers should be standing up to do the right thing including seeking changes in Qatar.

    1. Blooflame

      As a Former Commando with active service and still in touch I still say Nepalese workers are sadly not our concern, it’s a matter of prioritisation. As for the Troops, they certainly are not fighting for any cause and never ever have, they fight for each other and the right to go home as a “team”. Some parallels there I guess…maybe a bit too deep as well. I just feel that politics don’t belong in sport, I don’t mean to offend or be obstructive, it’s just a view.

  3. Parisblue

    I care blooflame. The Nepalese workers are ordinary people doing a difficult job in a peaceful manner to try and improve the lot of themselves and their families. Soldiers join the army to kill people and take the chance they may be killed themselves so I don’t care about them if they die. They are fighting an American war in Afghanistan and the Afghans should be left alone to choose their own religion and lifestyle.

    1. toby

      Soldiers join the army to defend their country.The war in Afghanistan has no relevance to to afghans and their religion.Do you think the taliban will let the ordinary afghans choose their own lifestyle ? More pathetic writing from an ill informed liberal i assume.
      As for the topic at hand,the treatment of the Nepalese is disgraceful and the corruption in fifa is widely believed as is the ioc.Unfortunately greed superseeds everything unfortunately even the morality of fifa(if they ever had morals).

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