Season ticket

When my season ticket arrived in my letter box today, I realised how little enthusiasm I feel about next season. I always look forward to games and seasons with a mixture of hope and fear, but this season there is a lot more fear than hope.

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4 thoughts on “Season ticket

  1. Keith Purdom

    I am sooo depressed about the season mr REN appears to have no understanding of English culture and to be stuck in a chines culture of no communication treats fans with contempt

  2. tracey tyler

    All these above comments are from doom merchants, we will be ok this season by signing players with ambition and by using our great youth system rather go than buy big time charlies like we have done in the past, shame on you all for not showing any faith.

  3. Ijaz

    When GM was sacked I tried to get a refund on my season ticket which the club would not reimburse. Weeks have passed and no signings apart from Gary Gardner. I find myself looking at the car crash that is BCFC like a voyeur driving past bodies that have been flung through a windscreen. The new formations being tried out by Pep look a bit ambitious with our current squad though recent reports of signing a creative passing midfielder in Dan Crowley does fill me with a bit of optimism. I am looking forward to the new season more out of curiosity of what we have planned. Hopefully Pep and Co succeed in changing our style of play otherwise it’s gonna be a long hard season.

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