I will believe that Birmingham City is safe from relegation when it is mathematically safe. Probably safe is not good enough for me. I thought that my team had won when they were leading 4-1 with about 20 minutes to go on April 12, 1993.  Then Swindon scored 5 and we lost 4-6. We did escape relegation that season by getting a 1-0 win against Charlton in the last game but that Swindon game transformed my understanding of being safe.

So today, we need to get a draw at least to put us on 48 points and Rotherham on 41, with only 2 games and 6 more points possible for them. A win would be better, to get us back to the 50 we had before the points deduction.  Whatever happens, our small squad has done well this season to have a good chance of avoiding relegation despite the points deduction.

I was disappointed that we didn’t get a win against Derby, but it was a good game. Both teams wanted to win and made an effort to do that. We stayed unbeaten and got another point.  As I’ve written in a previous post, I would prefer not to have a game on Good Friday but I’ve gone to games on that day. We played Rotherham on Good Friday in 2015 and won 2-1.  I’d be happy with that result today.

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2 thoughts on “Safety

  1. theguvna

    I remember that game. Didn’t Andy Saville score a wonder goal for us? I seem to recall an ageing Glen Hoddle and his mate Micky Hazard push forward for Swindon in an attempt to save the game for them. They suddenly ran the show for about 15 mins and destroyed us. When Swindon got number five and were in the lead, Hoddle dropped back to sweeper. It reminded me of what a tremendous player Hoddle was, even in his mid-thirties. The match was also a classic example of ‘typical Blues’!

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      I just remember Glen Hoddle looking as though he was controlling the whole game. He was player and manager of Swindon at the time.

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