I was sad that Blues lost but I can cope with that; I’ve had enough practice over the many years that I’ve supported them. What saddened me most was the assault on Jack Grealish by one of our fans and the amount of media attention that it received.

The stadium was packed with passionate Blues fans who supported the team with their voices and banners, but the headlines will be about one idiot. I have no idea what prompted his actions but talk about hating other clubs can’t help.  So, I’d like to repeat what I said before the game. Hating other football clubs is not a good way to show commitment to your own club.

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4 thoughts on “Sad

  1. Michael

    Yes but it’s not just the idiot. It’s the thousands of idiots that clapped and cheered him off. Disgusting and a disgrace.

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      Fans have commented that they were clapping because the fan was being taken off and not because they approved of his actions.

  2. WaycoolBlue

    He was a idiot. I was there at the game yes fans cheared as he entered the pitch but theyou also clap the stowed that dragged him off. NO one condoned it is bit.

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