Birmingham City have played two teams that were in the playoffs last season and got a win and a draw.  Today we are playing Rotherham, who were promoted back up to the Championship last season, and  I suspect I am not the only Blues fan fearing that we wll lose.  So often in the past, we have played well against good teams and then been beaten by a team that’s not so good.

I’m encouraged that Aitor Karanka seems to be aware of the danger of complacency.  In his press conference he said that it was a mistake to think you were better than your opponent. He also said that the Rotherham game was our toughest game so far. From what George Friend said in his interview, it sounds as if he is not complacent ahead of the Rotherham game and I hope the rest of the team feel the same. If Karanka manages to avoid losses against poorer teams then he will have achieved something important. If we lose today, I’ll think that it’s typical Blues. But if we win, then my hope for this season will be boosted.

Already, I am hoping that we will stay well clear of the relegation places this season.  I’ve tried to remind myself that it is the hope that kills me but I can’t help hoping.  It hasn’t helped to tell myself that you can’t forecast how a season will go from the first two games. I also know that it is too soon to judge if Karanka is a good manager for my team but I can’t help believing in him. I like the way that he is bringing in players who are good people as well as being good players.

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2 thoughts on “Rotherham

  1. Hugh

    Your feeling like a lot of us!
    Two excellent results would normally be followed by a poor disjointed effort and defeat!
    This is Blues after all. All I can add is we appear to have found a professional manager as opposed to basically second rate coaches, good solid Championship players who know there roles within a structured team.
    I see nothing but a 1-0 defeat!

  2. WayCoolBlue

    Rotherham will be hard to break down they play with a bank of four and two defensive midfielders sitting in front of them. We need to play higher up to pitch for this game.

    The best plan of action would be to get the goal as early as possible do that and we will win the game. The big problem would be not getting the goal getting frustrated and pushing too far forward then given a goal away at the other end. We need all 3 points against lower opposition at home Anything less would be unacceptable IMO


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