QPR Game

Sometimes after I have watched Birmingham City lose a game, I regret going to watch it.  But I don’t regret going to watch them play Queens Park Rovers yesterday, even though they lost. 

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3 thoughts on “QPR Game

  1. R. Williams

    I can only thank the players , coaches and staff at blues for their effort, it must be like trying to compete on one leg. The problems lay squarely and firmly with the owners. Of all the Chinese owners of football clubs I think we surely have the worst. They are an embarrassment amongst their peers, they have no interest in football or the club. No investment, No maintenance, No ground ownership. I keep asking myself why are they here? To allow a football club to slowly die in this way is unforgivable and as I said previously embarrassing. Please, please decide what you want to do with the club because the biggest fault you can make is not to make a decision.

  2. Russ

    Great summary. My worry is Bowyer will be hindered by impatient fans who have begun calling for his head online.

    Of course we’ve all wished for better results but the performances and the context are so important.

  3. WayCoolBlue

    Blues was the better team with the ball but not the better team in attack unfortunately we are lacking when it comes to service into the box. Had we had Chong or Riley the game could have been a different story.

    QPR was clinical in the finishing and that was the difference they had that man who could split the lines and feed their forwards.

    Let’s hope we get someone brought in to help in that position soon KRO

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