A nine points deduction is not good but, after spending time worrying about losing twelve points, my first reaction to the news was that it could have been worse. The Birmingham Mail also reported that aside from the points deduction, Blues will face no further economic sanctions or transfer embargo. That’s good news. I think it would be possible for the club to appeal this decision, but I hope that they don’t. I think our players can play well enough to stay out of the relegation zone and I’d hate to start next season with minus points.

I agree that the League should have rules that encourage clubs to run in a sustainable way. But the huge financial gap between the Championship and the Premier League provides a seemingly irresistible temptation to spend big and gamble on getting promoted or avoiding relegation.  The rules are inadequate because the whole system is broken. 

I have just read an interview by Andy Holt, the owner of Accrington Stanley. He said, “We need a proper distribution of funds, the cash gaps between leagues are far too big.” I agree with that, and also that we need “an independent regulator, someone who says, ‘We can’t have it like this — clubs incapable of moving up and down the pyramid without financial distress’”.

As a fan, I can support my team and help them get the points needed to stay up. I can also belong to Blues Trust and support the view that I want my club to run in a sustainable way so that the kids who are taken to games now will still be able to support Blues when they are grown up. 

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1 thought on “Points

  1. Russ

    You seem to be forgetting we’ve lost our last four 😉

    That said, I too hope we don’t appeal. If we’re relegated, I imagine some will be pointing (understandably) at the deduction as the reason and wishing we’d appealed or somehow postponed the deduction, but we have to accept it could have had 12 points deducted…and next season’s deduction could have been on top of a continued embargo…

    We may even have the tiniest chance of keeping Adams…or at least we have the chance of replacing him now. Positivity needed. KRO.

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