One year

A year ago today I published the first post on this blog and during the year I’ve published 159 posts.  Since I installed Google Analytics on April 6th, over 23,000 visitors have made over 51,000 visits and over 70,000 pageviews; not large figures for a website but far more than I thought I’d get. I’ve had fun and learned a lot.  

And learning was my original aim; I wanted to find out how to set up a website using WordPress. I learned a lot more than the technical stuff.  The writing process helped me to sort out what I believe about football, my football philosophy. I don’t know if my words have persuaded anyone else to do something but I did manage to talk myself into the “All we care about is BCFC” scarf project.

The post that received the most pageviews, 2,542, was “A message from the chairman” published on August 21st 2013.  It could be that readers were misled by the headline into thinking the post might contain news of the current crisis at Birmingham City. But in fact it was about a statement made by Ken Wheldon, the chairman who presided over a different low point in the club’s history, during the 1980’s.

I also mentioned the Kumar brothers in that post, and the period of administration that followed their bankruptcy. Back then, fans stood on the Kop chanting, “Receivers out!” — a reaction that struck me as simplistic. The current slogans, “Do not delay” and “BIHL go now” are also simplistic but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to use them.  A lot of supporters want to express their dismay at the sorry state of the club and they can’t squeeze a complex message into a chant or banner.  One message that their actions do convey, is that fans care about what’s happening to our club. And I find that encouraging.

I am also encouraged by the win against Blackpool at the weekend and by the people who take the time to look at what I write.  So I’ll finish by saying, “Thank you!” to my readers.

2 thoughts on “One year

  1. John

    Your posts have been interesting and informative. Keep them coming and thank you. I look forward to the day, when the present owners, are but a bad memory and the talk is mainly about what’s happening on the pitch. kro

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