Not the time for blame

I recently attended a training day on conflict resolution and some of the ideas from that day are rattling around in my brain. The speaker talked about taking responsibility for situations in groups that you belong to and how that is not the same as taking the blame.  He said that individuals are accountable for their actions and that there is a time and a place to consider that but that training day was not the time or place.  

Birmingham City’s last home game is neither the time nor place to apportion blame for this terrible season. It’s the time for acknowledging that we are in trouble and that we need to stick together. After the game you can blame Carson Yeung, Peter Pannu, Lee Clark, or Nicola Zigic but while the team is on the pitch we should be cheering them on. Let’s try to remember the good things these players have done and be thankful for those. Some will be playing their last game at St Andrew’s and I for one would like to give them a good send off.



1 thought on “Not the time for blame

  1. griff

    Feel so sorry for the Blues fans! They don’t deserve this. I feel so angry with the whole situation… It really isn’t fair. No one deserves to watch their team loosing game after game at home with no real chance of winning. The Geordie clown has much to answer for! Sick of seeing his face and listening to the crap tumbling out of his annoying mouth. We will be relegated but we will still be Blues fans in any division! KRO and be proud!!

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