Managerial changes

I’m not going to write about the game on Sunday as I’m feeling a bit nervous about it. I’ll be there at St Andrew’s, hoping that my fears won’t be fulfilled but don’t want to spend time worrying beforehand. I won’t be writing about the Millwall game either. I was more upset by the policing of that than by Birmingham’s performance on the pitch but have already written about it on the Blues Trust website (click here to read what I wrote.)

Instead I want to comment on an interesting article I’ve just read, about managerial changes. Watford have had eight managers since Sean Dyche left in 2012. That sounds like a recipe for disaster but they are sixth in the Premier League table at present.

Scott Duxbury, the Watford CEO, says the club is stable because the strategy has been to build a structure behind the scenes that helps the incumbent coach to flourish and copes with managerial change without dismantling the club’s framework.  Duxbury said:

“On the stability point, we take a view that the role of a coach, particularly at a middle-of-the-table club, is a short one. . . it is only common sense you build a stable environment around the club so that if a coach does move for whatever reason, success or failure, the actual club and infrastructure around it remains so you can transplant in another coach to continue the development. . .

We have shown over the past five years that the model works and we are actually a stable football club. It is just a sensible use of resources. It stops a club being derailed if a coach moves on for whatever reason. . .

Take nothing away from Marco, what he is doing is superb – but what he is doing is coaching.

The coach is an extremely important role but our view is to make sure that is all he has to concentrate on. We don’t expect him to grow and develop the football club – that’s what we do. He can concentrate on his core competency.”

I have always thought that stability would involve not changing managers or players too often.  After reading about Watford, I’m wondering if I need to revise that view.