Losing a game is not nice.  Losing to Leicester didn’t feel too bad because we were playing a team that was third in the Premier League and the players and fans kept on to the end. I didn’t see any fans walking out when we went a goal down. 

Losing to Reading felt terrible. I think the reason why it felt so bad was not just the performance on the pitch but the sight of fans streaming out of the ground before the game finished. We have a song that says we fight to the end and our players often do that, but we fans don’t always stay to the end if we are losing. Football clubs started out as clubs; they are now run as businesses. I complain that some club owners treat their fans as customers rather than supporters.  When lots of us leave early because we don’t like what is happening on the pitch, then we are behaving like customers.

Rant over. It wasn’t all bad.  Hogan scored again and we didn’t play too badly in the first half. It felt strange to see Morrison playing against us and I was glad to see him applauding our fans at the end. We are 8 points above the relegation zone.

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4 thoughts on “Losing

  1. Sausage N Egg

    Can you blame them after the constant stream of shit they are served up week after week? And St Andrews is a pig to get away from… Wether they stayed or not the Club would still treat them like an inconvenience rather than the heart of the club….. Be it the match day experience ,food , merchandise etc or even getting a bloody ticket in the first place to the state of the ground . The whole thing is shite… The club are lucky they carry on coming back …..many have not

  2. tracey tyler

    We have not progressed one little bit since last season, if anything we are worse. Ren, Clotet and his buddies wanted to play 3-1-5-1 when the season started and ended up playing the 4-4-2 without any recognised Wingers. I am afraid the players that we have are simply not good enough

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