Keeping the Wolves at bay

Birmingham City’s win on Saturday was one of the most enjoyable games of the season.  The large contingent of Wolves fans boosted the attendance to 19,330 and provided quite a sight as they bounced in delight when Benik Afobe scored. Four minutes later it was our turn to celebrate when Blues equalised with a goal from Kiernan, or maybe Grounds, we didn’t really care who as long as it was a goal. 

Both sides wanted to win and there were plenty of shots. Fabbrini, the man in the mask, made an impressive debut. And Gray scored a great goal to win the game. It’s true he got an assist from their defender but he took the ball from one end of the pitch to the other and kept calm when the scoring chance came. There was the usual exit of fans a few minutes before the end. (I just don’t understand that; why would anyone want to leave before the end?) But many stayed to applaud the team off the pitch.

A sunny day, a good game and we are now mathematically safe from relegation; I enjoyed my afternoon at St Andrew’s. I was sorry to hear reports of the fans of both teams whose idea of a good time was fighting each other.  That attitude reflects problems found in society in general and not just football; most of the crowd were there just to watch the game.