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It’s hard to imagine a greater contrast than that between one Birmingham City news item and the main focus of today’s news, the 70th anniversary of D Day.  

I’m not quite old enough to remember D Day, my only war memory is of a victory street party in 1945. But my childhood was permeated with the war memories of my parents: the bombing of the Carlton cinema, watching bombs falling on Longbridge, the bomb that landed in Lodge Hill Cemetery and the relatives who walked out of Coventry on the night that 500 German bombers flattened huge chunks of it and who kept walking until they arrived in Birmingham, still dazed and in shock.

My parents also talked about why the war was important and the evil of Nazism.  They often spoke about the way Londoners turned out to stop Mosley’s march through an area with a large Jewish population. They taught me not to despise people who were different to me, in appearance, culture or beliefs, which is why I don’t hate the Villa.

At the other end of the news scale from D Day reports, the Birmingham City news item, actually non news, was an old video of Trevor Francis getting hit in the face by a coach door. It seemed an indication of the scarcity of the news that supporters want to hear, about progress in the takeover of the club. Surely if there had been more real news about the club there wouldn’t have been space for such an item on a newspaper site.

So I keep trying not to waste too much time scouring the web for news about the sale of my club. I don’t need to search for such news because I’ll hear about it if anything does happen.  In the meantime I’ll pay attention to more important things such as the memories of the men who fought so that I can have the freedom to do what I want even if that sometimes is just looking at silly videos.

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  1. I roth

    Lovely article; so nice to read. I support The Blues but all my three sons support The Villa. They did this because of them liking David Platt . If we had some famous player at the time they would have supported The Blues. Anyway they all support The Blues as their second team.
    I support all The Greater Birmingham teams; and want them all to do well as long as The Blues are in there with them. It would be great for us all to be in The Premier playing each other.
    Do not understand fans wanting their other local teams to be relegated.
    The other topic; These War day veterans went over to help people they had never met; which is a great sacrifice; they knew Hitler and his henchmen were evil; killing their own citizens and anyone especially The Jewish population of Europe just for the fun of it. I have been to Auschwitz where Poles, Gypsies,and anyone who disagreed with him were murdered.

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