It’s the hope that kills you they say. And they are right. If I could stamp out hope and expect the worst before every game of football, I wouldn’t feel so crushed when the worst happens and there would be times when I’d be pleasantly surprised by Birmingham playing quite well. 

But I can’t help feeling hopeful about this season. It started when Xuandong Ren appeared at the press conference introducing Aitor Karanka as the club’s new head coach. When Ren said that he had been looking for a partner to take the club forward, I started to hope that he had found a coach that he could work with and whose views he would respect. He said that Karanka would  have the time and authority to build and lead this football club going forward.

My hope has continued to grow as the club has taken time to bring in new players and they seem to be the ones that Karanka wants, players who play in a way that fits in with his plan and have the kind of personalities that will contribute to a good atmosphere in the squad. The performances in pre-season have helped me to believe that we have a head coach who knows what he’s doing. And the three goals against Walsall were encouraging.

I’m not hoping for promotion this season or that we’ll win a cup. I’m just hoping for steady progress and that we’ll be well clear of the relegation zone at the end of the season. It takes time to build a winning side and I’m hoping that Karanka will be given the time he needs to do that. 

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5 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Walker

    Without 2 good quality strikers with goals , workrate and skill (like toney) we will sit mid table or lower. for me if we want to progress we need to be that fruitful with attacking options the juke is used as a bench player. if you want to succeed and do something in the championship you need to improve all around your squad and make it fearful to be dropped

  2. Justin Herarse

    I agree with Walker, that we need a minimum of two new strikers, that have pace and a poachers finish. As the two young lads we have at the moment (Reid and George) are not quite ready for the Championship just yet.

    Robbo, let’s move away from this negative mentality of ‘running down’ because of the fact Juke scored ‘only 29 goals’ would in-fact mean it would makengood business sense by the club to cash in on a player in his twilight of his career whilst he still commands a good fee, in order to invest for the future.

    The club is moving in a new direction, nows not the time to being held back sentimental feelings.

  3. Steve

    6 players in, possibly a couple more on the horizon, have we actually spent any money yet. The new manager was told funds were available but he doesn’t appear to have dipped into them yet. Is there going to be a huge striker signing ?

  4. Tmsblues1

    Yes we need a striker or two and must retain the clubs player of the season. Whatever system Karanka wants to play juke can provide an alternative game strategy when impact is needed. We also need an experienced centre back .

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