“It’s the hope that kills you” is one of football’s clichés and Birmingham City fans know what it feels like to have their hopes cruelly dashed.  It’s hope that keeps some of us going to games like today’s match against Norwich.

So what am I  hoping for?  I hope that Blues carry on their tendency to play better against good teams and that they get good support from the crowd.  If we want a team that fights to the end, it would help to have fans that stay to the end of the game. I don’t subscribe to the view that professional sportsmen that get paid a lot shouldn’t succumb to the same range of emotions that we ordinary people have. However much they are paid, they are still human. They must find it dispiriting to see a large proportion of the crowd abandoning hope in their performance and streaming out of the ground before the final whistle. I hope that doesn’t happen today.

4 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Paul

    Fans don’t leave the crowd/stadium because they are unspirted, unsupportive or short on hope either, it’s because leaving 5 mins early saves an hour and a half in traffic!

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      I know that St Andrew’s is a difficult place to get away from in a car and that many fans have good reasons for leaving early. But why do so many more leave early when the game is going badly? There were a lot more early leavers than usual at the Wolves game last week.

        1. Puddleglum Post author

          Dave, hope you will accept my editing of your comment. I’m an old lady with old fashioned ideas and this is my personal blog so I feel I can decide what kind of comments to allow.

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