Here we go again

I have to admit that I feel nervous about today’s game with QPR.  As always, I think anything could happen and if we end up losing our third game in a row then I’m going to feel miserable. 

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4 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. mike

    why not put fernandez on bench or in team at least hes been scoring in under 23″s maybe the excitement and chance may be all he needs for the first team

  2. Ijaz

    At the moment we are on course to score 23 goals this season and concede 31. We are getting a point a game average so we’ll finish with 46 points with a -8 goal difference. I’d be surprised if we survive on that.

  3. WayCoolBlue

    I don’t see anything different To any of the season we still Strugglers. Overly defensive playing games not to lose it’s very boring football you can’t really call it football I call it stop ball. I don’t see what Clayton brings to the team how is he better than Keith.

    We need to win and the only way to do that is to score goals. We don’t look like Scoring. Juke has Covid so won’t play So we are relying on Scott Hogan who is out of form.

    I hope AK players Jose and Sunjic in the middle today and put Keith on the bench.
    Play Leko up front We’ve Crawley behind him maybe.

  4. Robert

    Bloody hell look at the state of our moaning “experts “
    New management new players GIVE HIM A CHANCE!!
    This bloke played for Real Madrid, assisted Jose and has got promoted before.
    Bloody bed wetting is for vilers.

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