Good Friday

My initial reaction to the timing of Birmingham City’s game against Rotherham was that I would rather it was on another day. I can’t remember ever going to a football game on Good Friday before and didn’t want to go to a game today. However, I have decided to go and, on reflection, it doesn’t seem so inappropriate. Good Friday commemorates a public execution where the condemned were mocked as they died. The atmosphere on that day was probably a bit closer to that found at football matches than to the quiet, reverence of Good Friday services. So I’ll be remembering the significance of the day in two contrasting settings: on a prayer walk round Harborne in the morning and in among a less reverent crowd in the afternoon.

There has been the usual mix of good and bad news about football this week. There was good news from Hereford FC, the phoenix club that rose from the ashes of Hereford United FC. When season tickets went on sale yesterday, the club opened their doors 25 minutes early because of the queue forming outside. Over 50 tickets were sold in the first 90 minutes, which is remarkable considering they don’t know which league they will be playing in next season.

It is all bad news for Blackpool fans. One of them is quoted as saying, “You’re basically looking at a train wreck. It’s gut-wrenching to be in this situation, the club is literally dying before our eyes.” Blackpool could be relegated this weekend if Rotherham beat us and Blackpool don’t win on Saturday.

Leeds fans have also had a tough time in recent years and some of them are trying to get their club back.  A fan ownership initiative is being launched this weekend with the aim of raising £10 million to buy a stake in their club. The biggest amount that a fan’s body has raised in UK football up till now is £2.5 million, raised by FC United of Manchester.

Unfortunately, more and more football news is about problems caused by owners who are not fit and proper rather than what happens on the pitch. The news from Hong Kong continues to be confusing for Birmingham City fans. Let’s hope that what happens on the pitch today will be good news for us.

Happy Easter!

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  1. bob pickett

    The last time we played at home on a good Friday was 1952, we beat Cardiff City 3-2. Reports after the game said hordes of Cardiff fans went on the rampage in the city Centre including stealing all the daffodils from the gardens surrounding the hall of memory- KRO

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