Football or friendship?

Turning My Back on the Premier League is the story of a Man U fan who decided to follow his local team instead.  His local team is Dagenham & Redbridge and the book is an account of going to their games in the 2013/14 season. I haven’t finished reading it yet but would recommend it; it’s a good read.

Priestley quoteThe author’s grandfather, previously a QPR fan,  also started supporting another team when he moved to Milton Keynes following his wife’s death.  He befriended a wheelchair-bound man who needed help getting to games and started attending Dons games regularly.  He is quoted as saying, “I don’t go there just for the result, the winning. It’s for friendship and everything else we get there … I’ve become a hardened supporter because I’m a part of something.”

Fans have many different reasons for going to watch football. For some fans it is winning that is the most important. Others want to watch skilful players in great teams. For me it has always been about being part of something.  As a child I enjoyed going because I was with my dad and it was exciting. When I came back to St Andrew’s as an adult after more than 30 years of not going, it was the excitement and friendship that brought me back week after week.  Birmingham City doesn’t have the best players or play the most skilful football but it is my club.  That’s why I’ll be at St Andrew’s this evening.