Fear and hope

In my last post I wrote that I was looking forward to this season with more fear than hope.  Watching the team get beaten 0-4 by Brighton didn’t change that. Brighton is in the Premier League and is a better team than Birmingham so maybe we shouldn’t be too worried by that defeat. But it did bring back memories of the way Blues attempted and failed to play a different style of play while Zola was in charge.  On the way out of the ground, I looked at the Peaky Blinders photo of our players trying to look like hard men and the expressions on their faces were very similar to those on fans’ faces, looking grim after watching that game.

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12 thoughts on “Fear and hope

  1. walker

    replacing che is still important but for me morrison will be a big miss. Not because he was amazing, but because it was a settled defence (all be it a change in formation). Although morrison was awful when he tried to play football under zola which is probably why they cast him aside for the sake of an extra 12 months. Pederson isnt the answer i the back 3, harding maybe although I have my doubts, grounds. Not enough game time and he struggled at bolton,

  2. Alan Smith

    Still say go and get Billy Sharp to complement the Jukes hard work especially after that dire performance against Brighton.

  3. Flakey

    Che’s goals kept us in the league last season,if he’s not replaced I fear for us
    Vassell obviously isn’t the answer if they’re trying to loan him out
    It’s nice to see passing football but you’ve got to have an end product
    Another roller coaster season me thinks

  4. Lee

    We are going to be in a relegation battle.
    Tippy tappy will not work with our current defence, who shit themselves trying to play out.
    Hope im proved wrong, but fear the worst.

  5. Sean

    Can somebody please explain to me why Gary Monk wasn’t given the funds and therefore buy the players in a new system. As a far as I can tell Gary Monk was philosophically a ball playing passing player, coach and manager. He was in my opinion the best thing to happen to Blues in years. Why not give him the chance to prove himself with the additional funds? That would make sense to me. If things go pear shaped this season then the owners must accept full responsibility.

  6. WayCoolBlue

    I am optimistic that this will all come together and people will proven wrong I can see the Makings of a good team. We need a couple of strikers. And I know the club are working to get that done. KRO

  7. Mark

    We could be naming a team at Brentford with effectively no new signings in the line up. DONGBALL would only ever work if he backed his own judgment!!

    We will play the same system against a team who know it far better than us. The club have allowed the pursuit of targets who probably won’t happen get in the way of sensible signings that would come in and enable the philosophy to work. Clotet doesn’t inspire me and I feel the players may have the same opinion. Nothing was changed against Brighton so there is no plan B which Monk seemed to always have.

    Going on about Monk you say?

    Well it’s a hard act to follow and if Monk had half a brain he would realise worse case would be to suck up the bad relationship give him the money that now amazingly seems available and you can never convince me that Monk couldn’t have improved the 62 points and turned it into 75 which would be playoffs and further improving the squad.

    It’s the least excited I have been since the season Clark got sacked. I reckon we will clock up three managers during this season.

    1. Sean

      We all want to be positive but I agree with you. It’s too easy to forget the sacking of Monk, letting Morrison go, allowing Jota to leave -remind me of the fee again and Che. Che would have left in any case but to con the fans with high profile potential signings for me doesn’t work. I could be wrong and I hope I am only time will tell. But can you play an entirely new system with essentially the same players?

      1. Smithy

        Whole scenario is a mess. Even Sunjic signing isn’t finalised. Clotet is lucky he is able to carry out Ren’s instructions. Any decent manager would have walked by now. Fodder for the Championship starting tomorrow.

        1. Puddleglum Post author

          Preview on official site says that Ivan Sunjic has received international clearance to be in the squad, which is good news. The trend in modern football is for owners/chairmen to have the power and they often sack managers.

  8. Ijaz

    The board has nailed it’s balls to the mast. They want to see a more exciting brand of football. We have indeed tried to do this by getting 3 very good passers of the ball in JCS, Sunjic and Crowley. However the defence doesn’t fill me with confidence. We’ve conceded in every preseason game. The main fear is where are the goals gonna come from. Which incidentally most of us were saying before the start of last season. What I am positive about is the two quality signings in midfield in Crowley and Sunjic. This should create chances. I am confident we will get a striker in before the end of the window though I don’t think Vassell should be loaned out. I am not as pessimistic as some on here but it will be a rollercoaster ride. Let’s hope its more peaks than troughs. Whatever happens KRO.

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