After Birmingham City’s run of poor results, I had got to the point of expecting the worst when I went to games. Then we won three in a row and my hopes have been revived. I’m not expecting a win tomorrow but am hoping to see the players put in a decent performance. And as the season progresses, we are going to continue to win some and to lose some. If we win tomorrow it doesn’t means our Championship survival is assured.  If we lose, we aren’t necessarily doomed to relegation.

I don’t like all the rumours associated with transfer windows and try to avoid reading the media hype and speculation.  Why waste time reading about how a player might improve our squad if there’s not much chance he’s going to be in it?  But I’ve just read an article which quotes Steve Cotterill talking about “where we are as regards our transfer budget – if we have one.” He goes on to say he is hopeful of getting some business done but he’s effectively lowered expectations. There isn’t going to be the kind of big spending that we saw at the end of the summer transfer window.