Exhaustion and exhilaration

The game on Saturday reminded me of why I love football.  When I watch a game like that, I forget about everything else for a couple of hours.  That everything else includes more important concerns and it’s good to get a break from thinking about them.  Over twenty years ago, I went through a very difficult period, when I had serious concerns about the health and well-being of the two people I loved most in the world.  The only break I got from worrying about them was watching football; watching Birmingham City play took my complete capacity for worrying and I forgot about everything else.

The early goal against Nottingham Forest buoyed the players and the crowd; the first half felt comfortable with chances to add to our score.  But as the game went on the tension grew as we all wondered if Nottingham Forest were going to find a way to ruin our day.  It was exhausting. The time added on at the end seemed to last for much longer than five minutes but the relief and exhilaration at the final whistle were great.  The players were happy; the crowd were happy and quite a few stayed to applaud instead of trudging off in miserable silence as has happened after recent losses.

One game without leaking a goal doesn’t mean that all our troubles are behind us. If water starts pouring through a ceiling, the first reaction is to get a bucket to catch the water and limit the damage.  Then you need to find out what caused the leak and whether further action is needed. Sometimes a bucket is sufficient but, if the roof is collapsing, you might need to employ some roofers. On Saturday, we found a bucket but I have a gut feeling that the problems at Birmingham City FC may require roofers rather than buckets.

I may be wrong but we fans don’t know much about the people running our club and the plans they have.  I feel that there is a need for better communication between club and fans.  That’s why I’ve spent time getting ready for the Blues Trust AGM and writing posts on that website rather than on this personal blog.

2 thoughts on “Exhaustion and exhilaration

  1. Dave

    We know a lot about the people running the club.they know nothing about running a football team.

    Rowett was looking at another job,………so what , i know a few people that want to get a better job.
    Zola, too long in job. …………………………………………Big names do not mean they are good managers.
    Redknapp, why let him buy 14 players and not let them bed in,no comment,………..2 weeks a laugh.
    Clappergate, you just don,t do that,did they not ask anybody about doing that.
    What next,??

    1. Puddleglum Post author

      I hope that what comes next is that they’ll give Steve Cotterill time and that we’ll get some stability.

      People who don’t run football clubs have a tendency to think it’s easier than it really is. And that includes football fans who have lots of ideas on how to improve things and will never be proved wrong because their ideas won’t be tried.

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