End of season but not of saga

Birmingham City’s season will end tomorrow but there is no end in sight to the financial problems facing the club.  It feels as though the money laundering saga has been going on forever but it actually started in June 2011. Blues were relegated in May, McLeish moved to Villa in June and Carson Yeung was arrested in Hong Kong a couple of weeks after that. And ever since then I’ve been avidly reading the latest reports and rumours and hoping that the matter will be resolved soon.

After all that has happened, I would find it hard to trust BIH if they do somehow manage to hold onto their ownership of the club. If BIH do want to sell, I’m not sure who would want to buy. Even if there are buyers, it could take a long time to sort out the details of the sale. And if we do get new owners, there is no guarantee that they will run the club well.  So it still could be a long time before the mess gets sorted out.

End of season lap of honour 28 Apr 2012

Lap of honour 28/4/2012

So tomorrow I’m going to try not to think too much about the long term problems.  I hope it will be an enjoyable game and that fans will stay to show their appreciation at the end.  I don’t know if there is any chance of Stephen Carr being out on the pitch but it would be lovely to have a chance to applaud him one more time.  We know that some players are leaving even though we don’t know how many will go.  Let’s give them a good send off.