Do we care about Cardiff?

What do Birmingham City fans mean when we sing the words, “All we care about is BCFC” or wear them on scarves round our necks?  I assume and hope that this is hyperbole. We care about a lot of other things in addition to caring about our club. 

I have a lot of sympathy for fans of other clubs that are going through difficult times. For example, Cardiff City, tomorrow’s opposition, has its problems. Its latest accounts show that it managed to lose money as well as getting relegated last season and is £174million in debt.  They haven’t won at home since January 10th, have an injury crisis but still couldn’t resist loaning a player to Watford to reduce the club’s wage bill. But my sympathy does not extend as far as wishing them well for tomorrow; for the 90 minutes they are playing I will only care about BCFC.

It’s easier to care about clubs in other leagues, who are not competing with my team, clubs such as Coventry City whose troubles didn’t end when they returned to the Ricoh. Tom Furnival-Adams has written an anguished but reasoned account of their situation. He writes that supporting Coventry City has become “utterly joyless” and even contemplates breaking from the past and forming a new club.

Thankfully, there is still some joy in supporting Birmingham City even though the board room battles continue in Hong Kong.  “Dream comes true at Birmingham” is one of the headlines on the front cover of April’s When Saturday Comes magazine. The article is by Sean Cole and recounts how he achieved his ambition of scoring on the St Andrew’s pitch, when he won a season ticket in the Chip and Win competition.    

I hope that Walsall’s dream comes true at Wembley on Sunday and that they can win the St Johnstone’s Paint Final. I have fond memories of seeing my team win that competition in 1991 and 1995.