I like Chris Hughton and have good memories of his time managing Birmingham City. Brighton are a good club; free travel on the train from Brighton is provided for fans. They make away fans feel welcome by providing decent facilities and putting up notices thanking them for coming. The notice on Tuesday evening thanked us for travelling 366 miles to visit the Amex and showed a picture of an Archie Gemmill tackle in a 1981 match between Brighton and Birmingham. So I’m glad that Brighton are in the top two of the Championship and hope they get promoted.

That doesn’t mean I enjoyed watching them beat Birmingham City on Tuesday evening.  During games, any friendly feelings I have for the opposition dissipate; I always want Blues to win.

I’ll feel the same on Saturday. I like Gary Rowett but I want Blues to beat his team. Although I have preferences for some managers and some players, my allegiance is to the club.  I support the team that is on the pitch. Blues fans are an argumentative lot and I have no objection to disagreements before and after games. But I hope that during the game tomorrow we will all support the boys in royal blue.

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  1. Bazzathebluenose

    The car park that we were directed to, as the park and ride was full, charged £15. We had no choice but to pay it and it took over half an hour to even get out of the said car park at the end of the game. My advice is go on the train if you can but with evening games on the south coast it’s difficult getting back so you end up driving. £15 to park is steep by any standards.

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