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My copy of the Blues News Poster arrived yesterday. Buying this was a departure from my usual practice; I don’t usually buy any programmes, apart from the one for the last home game that contains most of the results. I think I must be missing Blues games more than I care to admit.

One thing I wanted to see was their list of players.  It was almost the same as my list but with two exceptions.  Connal Trueman was not on their list.  He’s been loaned to AFC Wimbledon to get more game time.  Click here to see his interview about this. The other difference was that they didn’t have Neil Etheridge on their printed list.  He obviously signed too late to be included.  

The back of the poster also included a nice message from Aitor Karanka, saying he was extremely happy to be head coach of the club.  I’m also happy that he is coach.  Somehow he has got past all my defences, built up to spare me from despair when things don’t work out, and I’m looking forward to this season. 

I’ve removed Connal Trueman and added Neil Etheridge to my list, click here to see what it looks like now.  I will add it as a cheat sheet when the transfer window has closed on  October 16.

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2 thoughts on “Blues News Poster

  1. WayCoolBlue

    You certainly went to a lot of trouble. I also made a list but I have to say I only Wrote wrote mine in pen on the back of an used envelope. So it’s definitely not as neat all organised as yours lol

  2. Sausage n Egg

    I didn’t miss it end part of last season …. This season once again I am excited by what could be …but my bollocks hurt from being repeatedly kicked in them over the years … So I will try and calm my expectations

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