Blues Collective

12 twitter a/c
10 blogs/websites
12 facebook pages
5 forums
9 BCFC Official clubs
Working collectively + listening to FANS KRO”

This was the message proclaimed in a Tweet from Blues Collective.

As the owner of one of the 10 blogs in that list I’d like to comment.

I was rather confused when I read that the aim of Blues Collective was “to provide a focal point for effective dialogue between Birmingham City and its Supporters”.  That seemed to be very similar to Blues Trust’s aim of establishing “a unified voice for Birmingham City fans”.  John, a member of the collective, explained that the collective’s original aim was to represent fans that didn’t belong to any of the official supporters’ groups that are listed on I hope they will make things a little clearer when they finish setting up their site; it’s still under construction at present.

I think the collective’s aim of gathering all Blues links in one place may be unrealistic and unnecessary.  Unrealistic because there are so many Blues blogs that spring up and die that it’s hard to keep a list up to date. Unnecessary because there is already a one-stop shop for all things Blues; if you make your way to the Small Heath Alliance aggregator site, you should be able to find your way to most active Blues sites from there.

However, I am always glad to see fans trying to do something rather than just sit on the sidelines and grumble. And I did receive prompt and detailed answers to all the messages I sent asking questions about the collective. So when they asked if they could include my blog in their list, I said yes.

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