Are we patient enough?

It’s all about expectations isn’t it?  After losing 0-8 at home, a no-score draw away at Wolves seemed like a magnificent achievement. I was ridiculously pleased with the clean sheet and the precious point.

In his interview after the game Gary Rowett made it clear that he’d spent his first few days as manager concentrating on the defending, which I think was the right place to start after the calamitous collapse in the previous game. I was impressed with what he’d managed to do in less than a week, especially the way he’d got Michael Morrison in on loan and fitted him into the team with only one day’s training.  When he was talking about building from the back, Rowett said that there would be attacking opportunities if they were patient enough.  It seems as though a solid defence will continue to be his main priority. He doesn’t want players to wear themselves out by being too gung ho in attack but to wait for the openings that provide the best chance of success.

This set me wondering if the St Andrew’s crowd is going to be patient enough. For the first few games, I think most of us will be happy with anything better than a collapse. But will the crowd continue to be content if performances are more battling than sparkling?  It’s more exciting to watch our players charging down the field towards the opponents’ goal than to see our defence keep hold of the ball with unspectacular passes.  At present, there is an air of renewed hope among supporters.  That’s wonderful as long as it doesn’t lead to an unrealistic rise in expectations.  Yes, our new manager has made a good start and he may get more out of our players, but they are still the same players and are not going to turn into stars overnight.

I’m writing this for myself really; I have stupidly high expectations for the game against Watford tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Are we patient enough?

  1. nicko

    gary rowett has to do what alex mcleish did work from the back wont be preaty but he knows his priority
    this season is to keeo us up. i will back him 100/ per cent. lets get behind the lads on tuesday and i believe its a game we can win.

  2. john davies

    When you place 10 players behind the ball, kick everything that moves in a different colour to yours you will get a 0.0 score line, add to that playing hand ball in the area and three corrupt officials on your side!
    You are by a country mile the worst team to have come to the Golden Palace this season and last.
    And your away following! All they were intent on doing was causing trouble and showing no respect in the minutes silence, I was going to call them scum, but that would be an insult to scum!
    In rowett you have a manager who fit as bcfc has he was a dirty b*****d when he played.

    1. John

      What a pity the Wolves players were not good enough to beat “the worst team” to play at their ground for two seasons.

  3. chris

    i believe the fans will be patient if the team show that level of effort consistently in home games, that they showed on Saturday.
    I feel its unrealistic to expect anything from the Watford game, a good performance with loads of effort is the best we can hope for against a team that will pick us off on the break.
    I know we’re at home, but if we treated it like an away game and sit tight, so making it hard for them to break us down we might get something from it through frustrating them.
    Stop them playing their pacy on the counter attack style game.
    LC was too gung ho at home meaning we lost games that we may not have won but could well have got a point from.
    Each point gained even in a boring home display must be better than more defeats, plus it will steadily improve confidence and our league position.
    We can’t expect much from the Watford, Cardiff or Forest games to come in terms of results, but if we are hard to beat we may just sneak a point or two.
    Not saying we shouldn’t try very hard to get something from every game but the key games will be Rotherham and the games in December, so with one or two more additions in loan players plus hopefully Novak, Green, Duffy, Spector & Gray back soon may all improve the results.

  4. Wingman Blue

    To John Davies: go back to your Dingle Dead-End. No Blues fan shouted “come on wanderers” at the very start of the two minutes silence, did they? Three corrupt officials? I don’t think BCFC has enough to pay the milkman, let alone bung the referees! You’re only cheesed off that your bunch of underperformers are clearly not going to be promoted this season – Oh, and that SHA has a better forum!

  5. Rupertthebear

    Very good performance and a good start by the new manager but…….. Lee Clark had a good away record we need a home win and fast. Probably won’t come tomorrow but you never know!!

  6. John

    I hope Blues fans will not forget , that we still need to get rid of, the main cause of all our problems, the incompetent bunch, of untrustworthy Directors. Until they are gone, we will not move forward.

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