Another goodbye

It has been reported that Aitor Karanka’s departure from Birmingham City will be formally announced this morning. Football is a results business and we have lost the last two games and are hovering just above the relegation zone. I was hopeful when Karanka was first appointed because he seemed to have a good relationship with Xuandong Ren, which I hoped might mean that the rapid turnover of managers would end. But it seems that he was sacked by Wenqing Zhao. 

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9 thoughts on “Another goodbye

  1. Charles

    Already planning for league One. Not such a bad thing as this leggy squad is really unable to cope in the Championship.

  2. Kevin Hill

    Would take Harris over Pulis any day for me though one person stands out.. now is the time for Ian Holloway to right his name in history. He has always come across having a soft spot for blues. Could he be the new Barry fry. I can not see the board splashing cash for a wilder… but Holloway has always talled blues up.. just not pulis.. we can still stay up and build for next season. Covid over fans back and a flamboyant manager at the helm. I the gray clouds could be lifting especially if ren is going as well. Kro sotv.

    1. Robert cammerer

      What a brilliant shout your not the only one who would want Holloway I think he would kick that shower of shit into place . KRO

  3. George Sutheran

    Whoever the new manager may be at Birmingham city FC,I notice the biggest problem is still there DONG he needs to be sacked as well until he as gone blues are going nowhere fast.

  4. Richard Williams

    Ian Holloway could be just the person to motivate the team, positive tactics. We have seen glimpses of what the team is capable of, but the negative tactics employed have sent all the players into their shells you can see it their postures on the pitch. There is a massive difference between setting up not to lose rather than trying to win. Players need to express themselves, do the unexpected, let them play.

  5. WayCoolBlue

    If it was up to me I would go for Chris Wilder. Or Lee Bowyer. Both are non-nonsense managers. Both play a certain brand the football it’s not overly attacking and it’s not overly defensive both play a good balanced game

    And good riddance to Karanka hope DingDong will follow KRO

  6. Sausage n Egg

    Happy with Bowyer … We are a basket case of a club with an idiot in charge so 75% of prospective managers will count themselves out straight away.. Bowyer speaks well and that was never a forte of the rambling spaniard not because of language but because he was just a bungler… I will get behind Lee and hope it’s not to late for him … Either way if we drop he’s still a good fit in div 1 for us ….next step on the up would be Dong getting ousted

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