All change

Change is an essential part of football and life in general.  And this week, Blues fans have been discussing changes to the squad. 

Birmingham City’s sorry financial state makes the January transfer window a time of dread rather than anticipation, with everyone thinking about who we might lose rather than who we might get. The report* about Dan Burn being recalled by Fulham just added to the anxiety. Fans can only wait and worry until the window closes on January 31st.

Whatever changes are made to the squad, it is unlikely that the quality will be improved.  It will still consist mainly of players that bigger clubs don’t want. The silver lining in this gloom is that players can change too. Young players and players from lower leagues can rise to the challenge and become better players. For me, one of the plus points of the last couple of seasons has been seeing players such as Mitch Hancox step up from the Academy and Tom Adeyemi step up from League 1. And now Lee Novak, who had been written off as hopeless by many fans, has started to score goals.

Of course, not all players do rise to the challenge of playing at a higher level and supporters can’t make them turn into good players. But our support can help boost their confidence and encourage them to keep trying.  So, whoever is in the team in February, let’s support them. It won’t do any harm and it might do some good.

*Dan Burn recalled by Fulham

1 thought on “All change

  1. sappydad

    most managers when they take over a club
    like to make it their own …this manager of
    brums like a.f. at m.u. can honestly say they
    have earnt that title …come on l.c. use your
    magic. get blues moving upward again ..bluenose forever

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