A game of one half

This is a collection of random thoughts but I have resisted the temptation to put it into a “5 things I learned from …” format. I get irritated when journalists do that.

Last Saturday I went to the first half of a 90th birthday celebration and the second half of Birmingham City’s season opener against Reading. It felt a bit surreal to dash straight from cakes and tea in dainty china cups to St Andrew’s but I was glad I had managed to do both. It was good to be part of a large, appreciative crowd, with many staying to applaud at the end.

I felt a bit sorry for the Reading fans.  They probably felt they were robbed yet they were the ones wearing home kits reminiscent of striped prison uniforms. They had to watch their team playing in a violet kit.  To add insult to injury, their local paper had a quiz testing fans’ knowledge of shades of violet and Reading FC’s co-chairwoman Khunying Sasima Svrikorn has co-written a rather embarrassing club song.  Birmingham City has had kit problems too with replica kits not being available until September but I prefer our kits to theirs.

I’ve had a busy week and not much time to think about writing for this blog so I’ll finish by doing something that our local paper does — put in some pictures of the crowd. My busyness is likely to continue so posts here will be infrequent.  There are lots of other bigger, better Blues blogs for you to read so I don’t feel too bad about that.