A few thoughts on the Blackburn game

I went to the game feeling my usual mixture of fear and hope. I had witnessed a great performance in the previous home game against Middlesbrough but long years of supporting Birmingham City made me doubt I’d see another one that evening  I was also worried about Sunjic being suspended and was right to be afraid; the team does not play as well without him.  But they played well enough and the goal was a great team effort with Colin in the right place to head it into the net.  

There were no defensive errors that led to goals. In the warm-up, Lee Camp seemed to spend quite some time practising saving low shots. But there was only one Blackburn shot on target during the game, and that was high and tipped over the bar. The fact that there was only one shot on target was due, I think, to poor shooting by Blackburn and good defence by Birmingham.  Towards the end of the game Blackburn tried desperately to get a goal and that led to a rather nervy end. I wasn’t the only Blues fan who was mightily relieved when the final whistle went.

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1 thought on “A few thoughts on the Blackburn game

  1. WayCoolBlue

    I felt the exact same as you you going to the game and reading the lineup. What after say I thought Davis did a great job of breaking up play in midfield. But my man of the match had to go to Roberts he was a mince one every header just clear the ball all around a forward pass and got the game moving again. I also got pretty nervous towards the end. I definitely had visions undeserved equaliser.

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